“Making space for history” in Accra’s Ga Mashie neighborhood

Cultural tourism walks a precarious line. Private sector investments can generate significant socio-economic benefits for community members and

Accra: Sensing the City Through Sound

In May, African Urbanism contributed to MIT’s Community Innovation Lab (CoLab Radio) “Listening to the City” series. The series

Sustainable Cities conference bridges cultures, demonstrates shared experiences on public spaces

The challenges of traffic congestion, civic engagement and shrinking public spaces are key themes for cities in the

Exploring “Oxford Street”: Author Ato Quayson shares insights from new book

Prof. Ato Quayson’s new book Oxford Street: City Life and the Itineraries of Transnationalism explores the history and dynamics

Re-imagining Accra’s “public spaces”

What if we let go of the limiting idea of our public spaces as “city parks” and began

On “Town Planning in West Africa”

The more things change, the more they stay the same? A familiar depiction of present-day Accra, Ghana, but

Dakar and Gorée Island: Linking history, tourism and local economies

With its just over one thousand residents, Gorée Island sits two kilometers (1.2 miles) off the coast of Dakar, Senegal.

In Dakar, a graffiti festival connects artists, cultures and ideas

For 10 days in April, graffiti artists from around the world gathered in Dakar, Senegal for the fifth

Dakar: A city full of color

Here in Dakar, it seems that the entire urban landscape is full of color: The walls, the sidewalks,

Dakar: Who wouldn’t love a city with all this graffiti and wall art?

Bonjour de Dakar! Here, graffiti is everywhere; it’s as if every wall is an opportunity for artistic, political

African Urbanism’s in The Guardian! And more reasons you should follow their Cities site

If you haven’t discovered it already, The Guardian has started a Cities site, thanks to funding from the

Schools prepare for Independence Day, Ghana style [video]

As March 6th approaches, in schools all over the country, teachers and students prepare for the infamous Independence

Started from the bottom, now we’re…

…. featured on the Guardian Cities website as one of the 50 “best city blogs around the world!”

Bread, bread and more bread in East Akim

So one of many things I have in common with Ghanaians is my love for bread. After a

On water improvements: Access, attitudes and economics

When it comes to sustainable improvements in community water and sanitation access, the “hardware” (physical facility) is just the