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Water issues in Lagos

Water issues in Lagos

Reading articles likes this (Lagos: “How safe is your drinking water?”) really reinvigorates my enthusiasm for my Masters thesis topic on water … Keep Reading

cultural + heritage

“Making space for history” in Accra’s Ga Mashie neighborhood

Cultural tourism walks a precarious line. Private sector investments can generate significant socio-economic benefits for community members and revitalize cultural interests. On the other hand there are many opportunities for exploitation— interest groups stand to profit from over-development, pricing out existing low-income residents. As the growing number of arts, culture and touristic activities in Accra’s… Keep Reading

It’s Saturday morning and Kwame Nkrumah Avenue, a high-traffic and high-commerce road that links Accra’s Kantamanto and Makola Markets, is bustling.
urban (in)formality

Accra: Sensing the City Through Sound

In May, African Urbanism contributed to MIT’s Community Innovation Lab (CoLab Radio) “Listening to the City” series. The series includes sounds from cities such as a market in Mexico City, a struggling street market in Thessaloniki, Greece, and sounds of Los Angeles’ street economy. What do other cities sound like? Read descriptions of other cities included in the… Keep Reading


Accra’s June 3rd Floods: Looking Back to Move Forward

The Urban Platform of Ghana is a network of professionals and enthusiasts with interests in urban development in Ghana’s cities and good urban development practices globally. The Platform brings together knowledge, experience and contributions from more than 170 professionals with discussions, debates and information sharing.  In the wake of Accra’s deadly flooding disaster of June… Keep Reading


Sustainable Cities conference bridges cultures, demonstrates shared experiences on public spaces

The challenges of traffic congestion, civic engagement and shrinking public spaces are key themes for cities in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region; these same challenges cut across West Africa’s cities, too. November 4-5, African Urbanism participated in the conference “Towards a Roadmap for Sustainable Cities in the MENA Region” in Beirut, Lebanon,… Keep Reading

urban (in)formality

Re-imagining Accra’s “public spaces”

What if we let go of the limiting idea of our public spaces as “city parks” and began exploring the entire range of social spaces that already exist in the city? This is the first in a series of posts.  Talented architects, designers and public space practitioners, green space enthusiasts, and everyday citizens dream of… Keep Reading

cultural + heritage

On “Town Planning in West Africa”

The more things change, the more they stay the same? A familiar depiction of present-day Accra, Ghana, but this speech was made in 1946: “Accra is a town like Freetown. During the war, its water and electric services have had to do double work, and it has surprised me that they have managed to go on working… Keep Reading

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