The City of Accra gets a Logo: New Face, New Attitude?


It’s official, the Mayor of Ghana, Dr. Alfred Vanderpuije, in collaboration with the Accra Metro Assembly has unveiled the city’s new logo:

According to the Adom Online article linked above, the logo symbolizes the “engagement of citizens towards a new city philosophy that includes making Accra a better city forever.”

This is part of the AMA’s wider Greater Accra branding activities (there’s already the slogan, “A New Accra for a Better Ghana”) and is meant to motivate citizen’s energies to work together to improve the city and quality of life within the city.

What’s sort of at the background of this article but is actually more interesting (and relevant) is it looks like this city branding design is part of a Consultative Citizens’ Report Card, meant to enable citizens to compare and rate public services in their area, as a means of engaging with the government for improvements. I want to hear more about that! How’s that working out? How much of the public are aware of this? Is this an ongoing project or a one-trick pony??