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Day-off Destination: Kokrobite Beach


Thirty kilometres (20 miles) outside of Accra is Kokrobite Beach, a stretch of beach dotted with small resorts and plenty of white, beautiful sand. I tagged along with a friend whose completing his Masters research on the role of the tourism industry in local economic development. While he was doing his research, I enjoyed the…

The Tro-Tro – An Essential Mode of Transport in Accra, Ghana


This article was originally published for the Millennium Cities Initiative blog, Reports from the Field. Researching urban transport in Accra, Ghana, this summer on behalf of the Accra Metropolitan Assembly and the Millennium Cities Initiative, I learned a lot about the city’s most well-known, loved, hated, but essential modes of transport. Tro-tros, as they are…

Escape to Lomé: Weekend in Togo


This (unfortunately, very short) adventure into this Francophone country was a beautiful experience, if only to consider the melange of urban design influencs from a Francophone African perspective. State-of-the-art architecture in central Lomé. In terms of urban design, the city of Lomé is so interesting in the ways it combines (or fails to combine) the…

Government plans rhino and giraffe-shaped cities for 2025


The government of Sudan is set to re-design two of its cities from scratch in the shape of animals – a rhino and a giraffe – I interpret this as an urban economic development strategy (and a branding strategy as well). The project should take some 20 years and cost at least $10 million and…

Tourist in the City: Accra (in Pictures)


Accra is a growing, dynamic and increasingly diverse city, and the wealth of excellent places to see, spend free time and explore are testimony to that. In addition, these all make the city incredibly attractive to foreigners such as myself, and great spots to learn more about the city — and the country’s history and…

wiki wiki wiki!


So I just stumbled across this fabulous resource – a wiki on water issues in Sub-Saharan African countries, can you imagine! The IWA Water Wiki is a “An information resource and hub for the global water community.” They have in-depth water and sanitation analyses on cities like…Lagos, Nigeria; Accra, Ghana; Nairobi, Kenya; Dakar, Senegal, etc. …

The City of Accra gets a Logo: New Face, New Attitude?


It’s official, the Mayor of Ghana, Dr. Alfred Vanderpuije, in collaboration with the Accra Metro Assembly has unveiled the city’s new logo: According to the Adom Online article linked above, the logo symbolizes the “engagement of citizens towards a new city philosophy that includes making Accra a better city forever.” This is part of the…

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