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Traffic and transport challenges in Cairo, Egypt


Long live Egypt, and stay safe in Cairo… By Guest Contributor Zeina Elcheikh When I arrived to Cairo in September 2012 for my thesis, in my daily commute in and around the city, I had a fear that kept growing. It made me start my days with a prayer: “Oh God, dear God do not let my…

Visualizing spaces: Accra’s first Francophone film festival


For two weeks in March, the Accra Francophone Film Festival showcased new spaces, cultures and stories from across the continent and beyond — from Mali to the Democratic Republic of the Congo, from France itself to short films from across Ghana. Through the means of 13 Francophone films and 10 short films from Ghanaian filmmakers, the festival transported…

On its path to liveability, Accra explores new transport options


For the average commuter, Accra is choked by bottlenecks and traffic congestion. The city’s commercial activity attracts two-thirds of commuters to the CBD, but the ineffective transport system stifles accessibility, productivity and liveability. The city’s longstanding transportation planning bias toward cars is catching up with the growing city. An estimated 70 percent of commuters get…

When a major building like Melcom collapses, who is to blame?


Perhaps the short answer should just be: everybody. Because the Achimota Melcom building’s collapse highlights serious weaknesses in planning regulations and building code enforcement in Accra. When the multistory commercial shopping complex for the Melcom shopping chain collapsed on Wednesday, November 7th in Achimota in Accra, it was not only a horrible disaster but also a testament…

“Coffins to Die For”


Is this sweet or what — I’ve read about this (but haven’t yet made a visit) of a man who manufactures these artistic coffins at his place just outside Accra [see article below].  To me, it seems just a bit morbid, but at the same time very, very cool — coffins in the shapes of…

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