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Colonial PR Films Provide Window into Africa’s More Recent Past


The UK’s Colonial Film Catalogue, a database of more than 6000 films (150 viewable online) provides an impressive, although subjective, window into the peoples living under British colonial rule. Although at times condescending, these videos find their value in providing a fantastic trip through time into life in these places.  Many of the films I have…

Writing Humanity into Development: Telling the Story of the Personal Impacts, Not Just the Statistics


“…it seemed to me a shame that between the highly technical, acronym-heavy documents written within the world of development and the often saccharine self-descriptions of the church workers, there were so few people writing development stories from a human perspective. Stories that were not especially concerned with a man’s eternal soul or his statistical representation,…

Occupy Nigeria Protests: It’s About More Than Just A Fuel Subsidy


If it were only so simple as hundreds of thousands of people across Nigeria uniting to protest over the recent removal of the fuel subsidy! However, it’s about much more than that. That said, everywhere I look on the internet these days, I’m reading oversimplified, overgeneralized news statements such as “We are tracking the alarming…

Street Behavior in Accra: What’s Going On?


Today, I learned secondhand of one episode of violence that took place on Accra’s roads, and was witness to another. The first violent event was an event recounted by a female acquaintance of mine, who was literally slapped in the face this morning by an aggressive pedestrian as she was in her car (her young…

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