“A Changing Accra” and other features in September issue of ArchiAfrika magazine


Africanurbanism.net article “A Changing Accra” is featured in the September 2013 issue of ArchiAfrika magazine. Have a look at the entire issue below!

ArchiAfrika is a network of African and Africa-interested architects, urban planners, urban designers and other built environment professionals, based in Accra, Ghana. The goal: ” to promote design strategies developed within the continent which address the challenges of our future and engage the next generation of professionals in this critical dialogue.”

To achieve this, ArchiAfrika leads discussions and initiatives including, among others, the Adventurers in the Diaspora meetings, Friend of the Museum and the biannual African Perspectives conference. The upcoming African Perspectives conference will take place this year in Lagos, Nigeria, December 12-15th.

Other features in this month’s issue include discussions of the urban experience in Abidjan, a redevelopment proposal for Volta Region, thoughts on the upcoming African Perspectives Conference, and more.

Download the September issue (and while you’re at it, why not also check out older issues of the magazine) at the ArchiAfrika ISSUU page.