Recycling: Good for the Environment, not in Nigerian Politics.

Ibrahim Babangida, one of Nigeria’s most notorious presidents (known for coming to power through a bloodless coup, then anulling the free and fair election results which would have brought M. K. Abiola into office, then had him put in prison), has declared publicly that he’ll be running for President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria,… Continue reading Recycling: Good for the Environment, not in Nigerian Politics.

On Zambian traditional architecture

I just came across this amazing website on Zambian traditional architecture. The researcher/author became interested in the topic while serving as a Peace Corps volunteer in Zambia. Very cool website, with information on the motivation for the project, maps, types of architecture and distinct styles, traditional materials used…a whole host of really interesting info! From… Continue reading On Zambian traditional architecture

Water issues in Lagos

Above: The branding of the Lagos Water Corporation, the state-level agency charged with overseeing the water operations and distribution for Lagos State. While I was in Lagos, I had the opportunity to speak with two key officials to learn more about the costing mechanism for water, the current and future plans of the Corporation, especially given the new public-… Continue reading Water issues in Lagos

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