Reblog: “Accra’s Efua Sutherland Children’s Park has limited access”


The 12-acre green space in central Accra known as Efua Sutherland Children’s Park is one of the city’s largest parks. Situated in the city centre and proximate to the government ministries zone, the national theatre and the city’s largest hotel, one might expect the space to be busy on a typical weekend afternoon.

But in fact, on a sunny, comfortable Saturday (and the following Sunday too) it’s actually quite empty. One reason is traffic coming to the area is mostly for business, so the area is bustling during business hours and nearly deserted on weekends. The other reason is that the park isn’t open to the public on a regular basis. Rather, it’s generally only open to the public for planned programs, known as “fanfares,” according to the park’s watchman in charge of supervising the space.

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Article written by Victoria Okoye, originally published for Continue reading at blog.