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Visualizing spaces: Accra’s first Francophone film festival


For two weeks in March, the Accra Francophone Film Festival showcased new spaces, cultures and stories from across the continent and beyond — from Mali to the Democratic Republic of the Congo, from France itself to short films from across Ghana. Through the means of 13 Francophone films and 10 short films from Ghanaian filmmakers, the festival transported…

Whose city is it, anyway?


The residents who form the backbone of Accra’s economy live in poor, high-density areas and are open to harassment by authorities. To develop into a fair and livable city, Accra will need to resolve this and other issues of inequality, says Victoria Okoye for UrbanAfrica.net. “Accra has always had a dual personality, right from its beginnings,”…

In Accra, people and their bikes create a subculture


A 2010 World Bank study on Accra  estimated that only 1 to 4 percent of people in the city ride bicycles, whether to work, to school, to shopping activities, or for leisure. According to an earlier study by the Centre for Cycling Expertise, a Ghana-based, non-profit organization focused on promoting cycling and walking in cities, the…

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