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Reblog: Accra’s Mmofra Foundation puts children at the center of public space design


Originally published at UrbanAfrica.net by Victoria Okoye. “Mmofra means children,” explains Amowi Phillips of the Mmofra Foundation, giving the backstory on the children’s park that unfolds around us. Overhead, the gray sky and the sprinkle of droplets threaten rain, but here below we’re in an expansive green space full of life and activity. She takes me around…

Nationalism, spatial iconography, political history: Exploring Accra’s “Big Six” monuments for Republic Day


A series of major roundabouts (traffic circles) and one interchange in the city commemorate some of the Big Six, Ghana’s forefathers and leaders of the United Gold Coast Convention political party who agitated for and helped usher in independence from British rule in 1957. On July 1st of each year, Republic Day marks the formal creation…

When a major building like Melcom collapses, who is to blame?


Perhaps the short answer should just be: everybody. Because the Achimota Melcom building’s collapse highlights serious weaknesses in planning regulations and building code enforcement in Accra. When the multistory commercial shopping complex for the Melcom shopping chain collapsed on Wednesday, November 7th in Achimota in Accra, it was not only a horrible disaster but also a testament…

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