wiki wiki wiki!

So I just stumbled across this fabulous resource – a wiki on water issues in Sub-Saharan African countries, can you imagine! The IWA Water Wiki is a “An information resource and hub for the global water community.” They have in-depth water and sanitation analyses on cities like…Lagos, Nigeria; Accra, Ghana; Nairobi, Kenya; Dakar, Senegal, etc. … Continue reading wiki wiki wiki!

A Message to MTN

MTN, you have great advertisements and commercials (England v. Germany commercial for example), but sometimes the phone service is a bit lacking. Perhaps you should take some money from your advertising budget and send it over to your communications infrastructure section…I’m sick of my text messages not going through and dropped calls!

Recycling: Good for the Environment, not in Nigerian Politics.

Ibrahim Babangida, one of Nigeria’s most notorious presidents (known for coming to power through a bloodless coup, then anulling the free and fair election results which would have brought M. K. Abiola into office, then had him put in prison), has declared publicly that he’ll be running for President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria,… Continue reading Recycling: Good for the Environment, not in Nigerian Politics.