On Zambian traditional architecture

I just came across this amazing website on Zambian traditional architecture. The researcher/author became interested in the topic while serving as a Peace Corps volunteer in Zambia. Very cool website, with information on the motivation for the project, maps, types of architecture and distinct styles, traditional materials used…a whole host of really interesting info!

From the author/researcher:

“In Zambia, as well as the rest of Africa, western materials and construction techniques are rapidly replacing traditional ones. This is true even in the most remote areas…

Modern methods are seen as “civilized” and a reflection of affluence. Traditional materials and construction techniques have implications of being substandard or “primitive”. As a result, these techniques are not being passed on to future generations. In just a few generations, this part of Zambian culture could be only a memory…”

 Some really excellent photos (like those above) demonstrating real-life examples of what he calls “vernacular architecture” still in practice (top), a newly built building employing vernacular architectural tools (second from top) and his renderings/drawings based upon architectural theory and design, and also the structures in relations to the general environment. Very cool!