Recycling: Good for the Environment, not in Nigerian Politics.

Ibrahim Babangida, one of Nigeria’s most notorious presidents (known for coming to power through a bloodless coup, then anulling the free and fair election results which would have brought M. K. Abiola into office, then had him put in prison), has declared publicly that he’ll be running for President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, care of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) platfom, come 2011.

His campaign platform: smaller government, and a focus on defense (what?), foreign policy and the economy, with the plan to leave other matters to the state and local levels of government.

As articulated in the Washington Post article (linked above), not sure how willing people will be to vote for him, given the current state of the Umaru Yar Adua – the current President who we pretty much haven’t heard a beep from (wait, there was the grunt) since he spoke to BBC in January. He was transported to Saudi Arabia in November 2009 for heart surgery.