“So-Called Low-Cost Housing”

Just came across some video clips of the Belgian/French film C’est arrive près de chez vous/It happened in your neighborhood (Man Bites Dog).

In the clip below, Benoît, the main character, discusses the aesthetic problems surrounding “so-called low-cost housing,” and how the design contributes to negative community characteristics, including violence. His question: “How can you design low-cost housing projects in total disregard for aesthetics?” The lack of greenery, the extensive use of commercialized red brick, the boxed-in design of the development all encourage people to stay in their homes, rather than encouraging people to come outside and thereby fostering a sense of “community.”

Although I haven’t been able to watch the full film yet (would welcome suggestions on where I could watch it online or get a copy!), I’ve had a few laughs watching this 90s cult classic, even if only enjoying the small tidbits people have shared on youtube (disclaimer: graphic with violence, think a Quentin Tarentino film).