Water issues in Lagos

Above: The branding of the Lagos Water Corporation, the state-level agency charged with overseeing the water operations and distribution for Lagos State. While I was in Lagos, I had the opportunity to speak with two key officials to learn more about the costing mechanism for water, the current and future plans of the Corporation, especially given the new public-
private partnership initiative they are embarking upon with the support of the World Bank. (Photo Credit: Victoria Okoye/africanurbanism.net)
Reading articles likes this (Lagos: “How safe is your drinking water?”) really reinvigorates my enthusiasm for my Masters thesis topic on water issues in Lagos and opportunities to improve it through greater stakeholder participation (whether private, community, civil society, etc).
The reality for most Lagosians is paying pretty high costs for water
considering the proportion of their income spent on water. The use of water
tankers is pretty common and is often used as a sole source of water (for
those not connected to the water network – a pretty common issue), or
even for those connected to the water network. (Photo Credit: Victoria Okoye/